So, you are planning your wedding day and looking to add a modern and stylish touch to your wedding decor. In that case, add neon wedding signs to enhance the vibe. 

Neon signage is signage created using neon gas-filled tubes to produce vibrant, glowing illumination. But these days, LED neon signs are on trend because they offer more perks than traditional ones.

Did you just think that these neon signs were only used in the advertising industry? Well, it's a big yes. But nowadays, it's been incorporated into weddings and parties because it gives a vibrant look and feels to the atmosphere.

Whether you want to opt for traditional neon signage or modern LED signage, opting for the best neon party signs in Australia is essential.

If you are looking for custom neon signage ideas for your wedding, continue reading this blog. Here we have listed A-Z about neon signage signs for weddings that can not only spark creativity but also inspire you to design your own. 

Types of Neon Wedding Signs

Custom neon signage allows you to easily design an array of neon wedding signs. Below are the different types of neon wedding sign ideas that can be incorporated into your house.

Wedding couple's name: Adding the couple's name is the most popular choice for wedding decor. Because the neon name sign for the wedding serves as a focal point in the wedding reception area and looks captivating, Eg: Jerry and Blake

Wedding quotes: Next to the couple names, neon signage wedding quotes are highly preferred, as we can add meaningful, funny, or romantic lines that can spice up the reception. E.g., Till death, it's always you, Happily Ever After.

Wedding hashtags: Do you want to add a trendier element to your wedding decor? Add wedding hashtags. This is not only aesthetically appealing and modern but also serves a practical purpose. Your guests can share pictures from your wedding, add personalized hashtags, and document the special moments. Eg: "Newlyweds," "Wedding Memories," "Celebrating Love."

Venue Signage: There will be a dance floor, bar, and ceremony area in your wedding venue. To help your guests identify the venue, you can add neon venue signage. These signs can be added to provide directions to the venue, create a sense of arrival, promote the venue, etc.

Initials or monograms: If you want to keep it simple, consider adding just the couple's first letter in neon LED signage.

Personalized wedding neon signs: Custom neon signage for weddings can be literally anything from a symbol to a significant quote or an image outline that adds special meaning to the decor.

These are some creative ways to use neon signage at weddings and parties. But to get a proper output, hire a professional neon sign maker to ensure good-quality craftsmanship and proper installation.

Design and Customization

When it comes to neon wedding signs, design, and customization play a huge role. We have listed the things to keep in mind while designing neon signage for weddings and parties.

Choosing the right font and color

The font and color used in creating party neon signs can either make or break the design. This is why you must be extra careful while choosing them. First, decide on the type of font and style. 

Cursive or block lettering style, bold or italic, choose the style, and then go for the color. The color choice can range from bright and vibrant to more muted and subtle tones. Do you have a color theme for your wedding? Then let it reflect on your neon LED signage.

The importance of personalization

Following the traditional trend is one thing. But you can add a dab of magic by putting in your ideas via personalization. So, consider incorporating your wedding colors, your names or initials, or symbols that represent your love story and letting them create a cohesive look throughout your wedding decor.

Working with a designer

Even if you have a brilliant neon signage design in mind, you need to work with a professional party neon sign designer in Australia to bring it to life.

A skilled neon sign designer who specializes in creating custom neon signs for weddings will not only understand your vision but also give input to design the perfect neon signs.

DIY options

Do you want a more hands-on approach? Then, check out the DIY options available for creating neon signs. Neon or EL wire can be used to create your own signs, allowing you to experiment with different shapes and designs. 

But your output may or may not lack the durability and professional finish created by experienced neon sign makers. So at least get guidance from experts.

Placement and Use

The ideal placement for neon wedding signs

Designing good-looking neon signage takes effort. But to get the effort appreciated by people, the ideal placement of neon wedding signs is vital.

Only when you place the neon wedding signs strategically can you ensure they boost the intention and enhance the vibe. In fact, they can become harmonious elements, seamlessly blending with your chosen table settings.

If you want to ensure that every corner of your celebration is adorned with the mesmerizing glow of love, place the party neon signs correctly.

How to incorporate signs into your wedding design

We have already mentioned that incorporating color, theme, and design into the neon signage design can add extra magic. Because consistency in design ties everything together and creates a visual experience for your guests,

But how do you incorporate signs into your wedding design? First, plan the placement and use of the neon wedding signs. Next, consider the layout and flow of your wedding venue. 

These things help you decide better. You can incorporate neon signs in the floral decor, table setting, stage decor, direction signs, etc.

Considerations for Indoor vs. outdoor weddings

If it is an indoor wedding, you don't have to worry about waterproofing, durability, etc. Though checking that the electrical components and installation are safe and sound is important, these signs won't be affected by the external environment. But on the other hand, outdoor wedding signs need extra care. 

For outdoor weddings, consider weatherproofing options, such as using protective coverings or enclosures for the signs.

Another important aspect to remember is that neon signs for outdoor weddings must be brighter so that they can compete with natural light. Meanwhile, in indoor weddings, we can adjust the intensity of these signs based on the ambient lighting.

Cost and Logistics

Now comes the crucial part of getting party neon signs in Australia. There are several aspects to consider with regard to cost.

Budgeting for neon wedding signs

Let's start with the most important part: setting a budget. Only when you have a budget fixed in your mind can you decide to design or rent neon wedding signs?

Either way, the cost can be influenced by factors such as size, complexity of design, rental duration, and customization. Also, check the costs, benefits, and pros and cons of renting vs. buying neon signage.

Renting vs. buying

The average cost of a custom neon sign starts at $200 in Australia. On the other hand, renting neon signs can range from $100 to $500 or even more.

Besides cost, weigh the pros and cons. Renting your wedding neon signs gives you a stunning display without any upfront costs. So, it's a cost-effective option because you need the signs only for a specific duration, i.e., the wedding day. If you are on a budget, renting is the best option. 

Though you are offered the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of pre-made designs, the biggest disadvantage is that you have to get an existing design that can't be personalized.

If you want a personalized design that matches your wedding theme, invest in a neon name sign for the wedding. You will have complete control over the design, color, style, etc.

The best part?

Buying a neon sign gives you the advantage of keeping it as a cherished memento of your wedding.

However, buying neon LED signage requires a higher upfront investment and the responsibility of storing and maintaining the signs.

Logistics of transporting and setting up the signs

Whether you buy or rent neon signage for parties in Australia, consider the transport and setting up of the signs.

If it's just an initial or simple minimalistic design, it can be carried easily. But if the party neon signs are used throughout the decor, consider how they will be transported to your wedding venue. Here, factors such as packaging, transportation arrangements, and any handling requirements to prevent damage must be carefully planned.

Even if it is transported well, how will you be setting up the signs? It's recommended to work with professionals who have experience installing neon signs to ensure safety and compliance with venue regulations.


Before concluding, here are some quick tips for choosing neon signs for weddings and parties:

  • Choose signage that goes well with your wedding theme.
  • Ensure the neon LED signage is large enough so that people can read it from a distance.
  • Use the font style of your choice, but ensure it's clear and concise.
  • Avoid using too much text on the signage, as it can become clumsy.
  • Don't forget to place the signage in strategic locations throughout the venue.

With a little planning, you can make the most of the neon signage for your wedding and create a positive experience for your guests.

If you want to create a visual sensation at your wedding, incorporating neon signs is the best choice you will make. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these signs offer captivating backdrops where you and your guests can click some amazing pictures. By personalizing the neon signs, you can showcase your personality and style as a couple. Also, when placed strategically, they guide guests to important areas such as the dance floor, bar, or photo booth.

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