What materials do you use for your neon signs?

    A: Here at Neo Neo we moved away from the traditional glass tubing craftmentship which can easily shatter and emit gas when broken. Instead of glass we now use high quality LED flex tubing to create all signage. LED itself is a cost efficient, flexible and much safer way to create neon in today's world. It can produce a much higher quality of light over a wide range of colour for you to choose from. LEDs also release less heat unlike the traditional neons. They are safe to touch and this means it’s kid friendly WOO HOO! With this new system of neon you can now adjust the brightness and the speed of light based on your preferences.


    Is neon sign energy efficient?

      A: Absolutly! Did you know LEDs are capable of turning around 70% of the energy into light? This means they are way more energy efficient than any other light bulbs, some bulbs for example incandescent bulbs waste large amounts of energy by converting it into heat. Similarly research shows incandescent bulbs require 40- watts inorder to emit light, while LEDs only require 6 watts. (WOW what a difference!)  LEDs are one way to help us to reduce energy consumption as it emits light in one direction rather than all around which means no light is wasted or trapped by reflectors or diffusers. Neo Neo is super conscious of carbon footprint and we want to make a difference to protect our environment by making a change in energy usage.


      What is the lifespan for your Neon sign?

        A: Neo Neo selects each material carefully before presenting it to our customers. Our neon signs can have a lifespan around 3-5 years, an estimation around 50,000+ hours.


        Does my sign come with a warranty?

          A: Neo Neo wants to offer our customers the best quality products they can find on the market. Therefore we will offer a 24 month warranty for all indoor neon signs. Do not worry, we have got your back! For outdoor products please contact us for more information on the warranty scheme.


          How long does it take from placing my order to receiving my neon sign?

            A:The timeline for manufacturing and delivering your custom neon sign varies depending on your location and shipping selection. Once your order is placed, our standard production and delivery timeline is 5-10 business days.

            However, if you have an urgent requirement, we offer an expedited service. For customers in Sydney, we can expedite the entire process, from order placement to delivery, within 4-5 days. For customers in Melbourne and Queensland, it's 5-6 days. Please remember, to avail of this express service, you'll need to select our express shipping option and inform us of your event date when placing the order.

            No matter your needs, we're dedicated to ensuring your custom neon sign reaches you swiftly and safely, without compromising on quality.


            What comes with my neon sign?

              A: All our Neon signs are quality controlled and pre-tested upon packaging stage, we need to make sure they are all ready to go, for you to enjoy straight out of the box. Your neon sign will be mounted on the acrylic backing or any backing of your choice and in the colour neon you choose. The backing will come with pre drilled hanging holes which can allow you to drill it in to hang or using a hook to hook on your walls. The slim transparent cord is attached so when you take photos you will not see a colour cord hanging loose in the background. Your power adapter is suited and selected based on the region you choose. Sometimes we like to give our customers surprises, we might leave a little discount code inside your box from time to time, so check it out!


              How do I install my neon sign?

                A: Not to worry, if you're stuck and do not know how to install your sign please refer to this video link. This is a step by step guide which can help you along the way.


                I have a logo. Can I create this into neon signs?

                  A: Yes you can ! We can help you to turn your dreams into reality, with our in house design team we can assist you along the design phase. Just email us with your ideas and we will get in contact with you to arrange your designs.


                  I found this neon sign online and it’s much cheaper than you guys.

                    A: Do not worry Neo Neo will price match for any products that you find that you think is a better price than what we quote on our website. Please send us an email in regards to the quote you received and we will price match for you!


                    What acrylic background can my neon sign have?

                    A: We have a variety of background for you to choose from


                    Cut to shape wall mounted
                    Cut to shape hanging
                    Full board wall mounted
                    Full board hanging

                    You can also add a stand like that