Have you ever felt the bright, colourful LED neon signs stealing your gaze for some extra seconds outside of shops, restaurants, and bars in Australia? In general, these neon signage are made of neon tubing that can be shaped into letters, symbols, or logos. With its power to transform any space into a dazzling spectacle, it can make a statement wherever you use it.

This is why neon signage has held a solid place in the advertising industry for over a century.

Gone are the old days when one had to buy neon signages displayed on the shelf. Now you can get custom neon signage that can fit your design expectation. 

Whether you are looking for custom neon signs in Australia or simply have come to feed your curious mind about what it is, this article will cater to all your needs.

1. A Quick Brief about Custom Neon Signs

What is custom neon signage?

Custom neon signage is designed to feed your specifications and expectations. You can customise your brand's logo, name, emoji, etc., by choosing your neon sign's font, colour, and backboard shape. These signages will be your glowing representation of your individuality and add a dab of magic to any space.

The History of neon signs

Neon sign's history dates back to the early 20th century. Georges Claude, a French engineer, chemist, and inventor, discovered the process of neon gas illumination in 1902. But it was in 1910 that Claude introduced the first commercial neon lamp at the Paris Motor Show. From here, neon signage took off well in the advertising industry.

Why are neon signs still relevant today?

Though neon signs are a century old, even today, people appreciate them. One big reason is that they are customisable and can be tailored to your needs. Earlier, we had classic, traditional neon lights, which had their own set of demerits. 

But now, modern LED neon signs, known for their aesthetic appeal, durability, and energy efficiency, are highly preferred in advertising.

2. Comparison of LED Neon Signs and Traditional Neon Signs

Before getting into why you choose custom neon signs in Australia, understand there are two types, namely traditional neon signs and LED neon signs.

How do LED neon signs differ from traditional neon signs?

In this section, we can compare LED and traditional neon signs based on different factors.

Traditional neon signs have a glass tube filled with neon gas to create light. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, LED lights come with light-emitting diodes that can create the same glowing effect.

Are colors customisable?

LED neon signs adhere to dimming, strobing, brightening, or changing color because they are controllable via digital drivers. But traditional neon can't change colors. Once a sign is made and the fluorescent tubes are filled with neon gas, they can only glow with a static, single-color illumination.

Which type is energy efficient?

LED neon signs consume less energy. Statistically, it's proven that traditional neon signs can absorb about 20 watts of electricity per hour. But an LED neon tube consumes only 1.2 watts per hour for the same length and thickness.

Are LED neon signs durable?

Yes, LED neon signs are durable because they are made with flexible plastic LED tubes that can bend and flex without breaking since traditional neon signs are made of glass and prone to breaking.

LED vs traditional neon signs: which one has a longer lifespan?

Traditional neon signs come with a shorter lifespan than LED neon signs. For instance, a traditional neon sign has a 10,000-hour life expectancy, whereas LED lights last three times longer.

Which one is easy to maintain?

Traditional neon signs demand regular maintenance, including refilling the gas and replacing the glass tubes if broken. In contrast, LED neon signs need less maintenance because they are solid-state and do not require gas refills or glass tube replacements.

Is neon LED signage safe?

The answer is, of course, yes. Because traditional neon signs pose a safety risk not only with their glass tubes and hazardous gas leaks but also with the high voltage needed to operate them, this makes the neon sign hotter. LED neon signs are safer to handle and install and cool to the touch, eliminating the risk of burns or other injuries.

Which type of neon sign is best for your needs?

If you are on a budget, refrain from choosing traditional neon signs because they are expensive and need high maintenance. But if you are inclined to invest in maintenance, go ahead with this type.

An LED neon sign may be a better fit if you are looking for an inexpensive, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance option. In particular, this type suits outdoor signage as they are also durable.

So, besides budget, there are multiple factors to consider. But as mentioned before, neon LED signage has more perks and holds the upper hand.

3. Factors to Consider When Designing Custom Neon Signage

If you aim to attract attention with custom LED neon signs, ensure you get the best out of your customized sign. Check if the size, font, color, and placement fit like a glove.

• Choosing the right font and typography

Did you just think of Times New Roman or Arial fonts? Though the font must be clear and easy to read, it doesn't mean you must choose a boring one.

Choose a font and typography for the neon signage that matches the vibes you are trying to convey and catches your people's attention. Besides aesthetics, readability is also key. After all, what's the use if the font is beautiful but no one can read the message?

• Color selection and contrast

Next to the font, the color you choose must grab eyeballs. In fact, the colors you select for the neon sign can significantly impact its effectiveness. Bold colors remain a popular choice as they can clearly convey the message.

But there's a catch, considering the contrast is equally essential. For instance, choose light-coloured neon to make the message visible if it's on a dark background.

• Sizing and placement considerations

Imagine you have a stunning neon sign, but it's fixed in a place obstructed by other objects or not visible. Even if it has a top-notch design, it goes in vain, right? Also, if the LED neon sign is too small, it's again a problem, as people can't see it. 

So, ensure your sign is the right size to be visible from the distance you expect people to view it.

4. Applications of Custom Neon Signage in Business and Home Decor

How do businesses use neon signage to enhance their brand identity and attract customers?

Let's assume you have a pub and want to promote the business. Pubs are a key part of the Aussie lifestyle. So there are more than 6,000 pubs in the country.

Now to stand out, you can look for custom LED neon signs services in Australia and design a mind-blowing sign.

With your custom LED neon signs, you can

  • Create an attention-grabbing design that reflects their brand identity and grabs passersby's attention.
  • Branding can be done right. You can convey your brand's message and values in a creative yet impactful way.
  • Standing out in a crowded marketplace or in busy shopping areas with competition is challenging. But not anymore.
  • Locating the pub is easier because people can remember the neon sign's colour and message and find the place correctly.
  • It can set the right mood or atmosphere within your business.
  • If you have an intriguing design, customers will take pictures of these neon signs and share them on social media. Rest assured of free promotion here.

Overall, neon signage is a versatile and effective tool for businesses that want to increase their brand identity and attract customers.

Creative ways to incorporate neon signs in home decor

Most people think that neon signs are only for businesses. Wrong. You can incorporate these signs into home decor as well. Let's say you have a plain and dull interior. You can spice it up with neon LED signage. 

Since you can get custom neon signs, add your favorite quote to the living room and bring in a vibe.

Different ways to incorporate neon signs are

Wall art: Neon signs can create a focal point in a room.

Shelves and bookcases: Add color and a trendy touch to the overall display with neon signs.

Outdoor spaces: Patios or balconies can be enlighted with neon signs.

Kids room: Display your kid's name or favorite quote.

Bar area: Add a fun message to spotlight the bar area and create an interesting focal point.

Examples of custom neon signs for special events and occasions

Weddings: You can add names such as "Mr. & Mrs.," or "Happily Ever After," 

Business events: "Business Name/Logo," "Coffee," "Beer," or "Open for Business."

Christmas: "Merry Christmas," "Let It Snow."

Birthdays: "Happy Birthday,"  "Let's Party," "Is your name Sweet [age]," 

5. Recent Trends in Custom Neon Signage Design

• Popular design styles and themes

When it comes to custom neon sign design, you can take advantage of various styles and themes for your intended purpose.

Some popular design styles and themes are vintage, modern, pop art, rustic, industrial, art deco, custom illustration, and retro-futurism.

• Emerging trends in neon signage technology and innovation

Neon signage has been here for over a century and are subjected to new technologies and innovations.

LED neon
LED neon, also called faux neon, is a big innovation with more perks that have almost replaced traditional ones.

Neon flex
It is a type of LED lighting that can be bent and shaped to mimic the look of traditional neon signs.

Neon projection mapping
This advanced projection technology can create 3D neon signage on any surface, including buildings and objects.

Smart Neon
You can connect the neon signs to the internet and control them remotely in real-time.

Augmented reality neon
Yes, augmented reality has tipped its toe in many sectors. Here, this technology allows you to interact with virtual neon signs through your mobile devices, creating a unique and immersive experience.

3D printing technology
Creating custom neon signs in any shape or size is now possible. Thanks to 3D printing technology.
Examples of unique and creative custom neon signs 

6.The Future of Neon Signage in Digital Advertising and Marketing

The future of neon signage remains bright because it continues to be a unique and practical way to seize people's attention.

Many businesses, notably those in the hospitality and entertainment industries, have embraced the retro aesthetic of neon signage to create a unique and memorable brand image.

Besides this, technological advances, such as LED neon signs and projection mapping, are enabling even more elaborate and striking neon signage designs. These new technologies are helping to keep neon signage relevant and exciting in the digital age.

7. Conclusion

We hope you got enough information about custom neon signage, including the latest trends. The rise of LED technology and advances in manufacturing techniques have made custom neon signs more accessible and affordable.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, custom neon signs pave the way to promote brand awareness and create a memorable experience for customers or anyone visiting your home.

As such, custom neon signage will likely continue to grow in popularity in Australia in the future. If you are searching for custom LED neon signs in Australia, check out Neo Neo World. We are an Australian neon sign design studio that can cater to all your custom neon LED sign needs.