We have built strong relationships with event planners who appreciate the value of working with us. Over the years, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that can guide you in using LED neon signs effectively for your upcoming event. If you have a question that we haven't addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure that you have all the information you need to design, order, and strategically place your lighted sign, making your next event truly extraordinary.

Optimal Lead Time for Ordering LED Neon Signs

Our delivery process for LED neon signs typically takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Considering the additional time you may require to plan the hanging of the sign at your event, we strongly recommend allowing yourself some extra time. This will ensure that you have the necessary flexibility and peace of mind when preparing for your event.

Matching LED Neon Sign Colors with Your Event's Color Scheme

To ensure your LED neon sign aligns with your event's color scheme, start by reviewing our available color options and comparing them to your color palette. Keep in mind that factors such as daytime or nighttime display, indoor or outdoor placement, can slightly affect the perceived color. However, rest assured that even if the color may not be an exact match to a Pantone swatch, your LED neon sign will still captivate your guests and effectively draw attention to your message.

Optimal Placement of Your LED Neon Sign at Your Event

For optimal visibility, we strongly recommend hanging your LED neon sign indoors in a prominent location where it will catch the attention of your guests. It's important to note that our signs are not waterproof, so it's essential to consider this when determining the sign's placement.

Ensure that the chosen location has a nearby power source that can accommodate the 6-foot power cord provided with your sign. If you require a longer power cord, we offer a 10-foot option for an additional fee. If necessary, you can utilize an extension cord to extend the reach, but always prioritize safety by considering potential trip hazards. When using an extension cord, ensure that it is specifically rated for this purpose.

By thoughtfully selecting the placement of your LED neon sign, you can create an impactful visual element that adds excitement and allure to your event while keeping safety in mind.

Secure Transportation of Your LED Neon Sign to and from the Venue

To protect your LED neon sign during transportation, we highly recommend keeping it in the original packaging it arrived in. The box provides a secure and cushioned environment that helps safeguard the sign from potential damage. Additionally, it is important to keep the sign off the ground to prevent accidental stepping on or tripping over it.

Tips for photographing an LED neon sign?

Event planners often seek to showcase their creativity on popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others. Including your LED neon sign in your social media posts is an excellent way to maximize the value of your investment while promoting your logo or message beyond the event itself. If you plan to incorporate your sign into a step and repeat backdrop, it's advisable to inform your photographer in advance to make any necessary adjustments. When photographing your LED neon sign, factors such as the time of day, camera stabilization, and light balance play crucial roles. Here are some valuable tips to consider:

  • Avoid using a flash: Let the natural or ambient lighting highlight the beauty of your LED neon sign rather than relying on artificial flashes.
  • Optimize aperture settings: Open your camera's aperture and select the lowest possible number to allow more light to enter, enhancing the vibrancy of the sign.
  • Capture close-up shots: Get up close to the LED neon sign to highlight its intricate details and create a captivating visual impact.
  • Maintain a fast shutter speed: Set your camera's shutter speed to above 1/1000 of a second to freeze the motion and capture crisp, sharp images of the sign.
  • Conduct test photos: Prior to the main event, take some test shots in the exact lighting conditions that will be present during the event. This will allow you to troubleshoot any issues and ensure the best results in collaboration with your photographer.

Ideas on How to Creatively Use Led Neon Signs at Various Events

Are you looking for ideas on using LED neon signs creatively at different places? We have got your back.

LED neon signs have emerged as a big style element with a modern twist on traditional neon signs. Earlier, the traditional ones used gas-filled tubes that caused some trouble. But today, LED lights are made using flexible LED tubes that emit light, mimicking the appearance of neon gas tubes.

Also, these LED signs are energy-efficient, durable, and versatile. Their biggest advantage over traditional ones is their ability to be customised to match the artwork or reflect the artist's style, adding an extra layer of artistic flair to the space.

Keep reading this article to dive into the world of LED neon signs and learn innovative ways to illuminate your next event.

6 Innovative Ideas for Incorporating Led Neon Signs to Light Up Your Event


A wedding is a special occasion; every couple wants to add a pinch of creativity and magic to personalise their special day.

Neon signs can help spice up the decor and overall vibe.

Some creative ideas to try at weddings are:

  1. Enough of the "welcome" boards. Try spelling out the couple's names and initials in an elegant script.

Instead of a regular sign that says "Welcome," try spelling out the couple's names or initials in a fancy script font. Make 3D projections to welcome guests to an event

But use an easy-to-understand font to describe your names so that guests can figure them out easily.

  1. How about hashtags?

This idea is so trending and incorporated into weddings to such an extent that a wedding without a good hashtag is like a cake without frosting. Use neon signs to display the hashtags and grab more attention.

Either use a popular wedding hashtag or create one from scratch using the couple's name. Guests can take pictures of the same thing and share them on different social media platforms.

  1. Sentimental quotes are not old-school.

A wedding is about love, laughter, togetherness, and some extra good times with your loved ones. Why not jazz up the photo booth backdrop with some LED neon signs that display some funny or memorable quotes that keep the guests entertained?

  1. Did you think about decorating the cake table?

Why settle for a plain cake table when you can light it up with a custom LED neon sign?

Add something like "Love, cake, and happily ever after." A slice of heaven on our big day

Just ensure your guests don't try to take a bite out of the neon sign, thinking it's a new kind of edible decoration!

These ideas not only bring a twist to the traditional decor but can also add fun and memorable elements to the couple's special day.

Corporate Events:

Be honest! Corporate meetings are kinda boring and plain, isn't it? But what if we tell you that you can create a visually attractive experience for the attendees?

LED neon signs can greatly enhance the event's branding and atmosphere. So, here are some creative suggestions to enhance the event's branding and atmosphere.

Branded LED Neon Sign Backdrop:

Instead of having a stage or speaker podium with a bland look, save the day with a branded LED neon sign backdrop. It's like putting a spotlight on your company's awesomeness.

The rich and eye-catching nature of LED neon signs ensures that the logo or slogan stands out and remains visible even from a distance. Thus, you get your brand name registered in the attendee's minds.

Directional LED neon signs:

The corporate event venue might be alien to the attendees. To guide them to different areas, such as breakout sessions, the registration area, or restrooms, use arrow-shaped LED neon signs.

These signs will be like, "Hey, follow me! I know where the cool stuff is happening!"

Networking Area Enhancement:

And let's not neglect the networking area because that's where the magic happens, right? Networking can be so fun and visually stimulating with LED neon signs. By showcasing relevant keywords or phrases related to the event theme or industry, these signs create a visually engaging and interactive environment.

Who said corporate events couldn't be cool? Add that extra sparkle, grab your attendee's attention, and make it an exciting event with LED neon signs.

Trade Shows:

Can we safely refer to trade shows as the battleground of business?

Because here, companies showcase their products and services to potential customers and industry professionals. To stand out among the sea of exhibitors and attract attention to their booth, you can incorporate dynamic LED neon signs into their display.

Some suggestions to make your booth stand out are:

Add the company name or a catchy tagline to custom LED neon signs.

A dynamic LED neon sign displaying the company name or a catchy tagline can create a visually striking and attention-grabbing focal point at their booth.

With numerous booths placed, yours will stand out with a "look-at-me" feel with the LED neon signs.

Another way to leverage LED neon signs at trade shows is by creating a custom sign featuring the booth number. This can help people locate your booth correctly and increase foot traffic.

Highlight key product features or benefits.

LED neon signs can be used to highlight key product features or benefits. This way, businesses can draw attention to their unique selling points and encourage visitors to explore further.


 If you are looking to create a lively and festive ambience, consider incorporating LED neon signs into your party decor.

Some creative ways to use them are:

Set the mood for the birthday party.

LED neon signs can boost the party mood with their energetic nature. You can add the birthday girl or boy's name, age, or fun birthday message to make them feel special.

Create a vibrant dance floor.

Instead of telling people where to dance and creating a boundary, you can outline the perimeter with LED neon signs. Since they can change colours to the beat of the music, it can create a special vibe. Thus, you can immerse everyone in a dynamic and energetic ambience.

Who can forget the bar area?

Add a stylish and playful touch to this area by incorporating LED neon signs shaped like cocktail glasses or simply displaying popular drink names.

Music Festivals:

Music festivals and LED neon signs go hand in hand. Firstly, music festivals are about creating memorable experiences for attendees. Here, these neon signs can add a visually stunning element to the festival atmosphere.

Logo or name of the headline

These signs, featuring the festival logo or the names of the headline acts, can be placed as eye-catching backdrops on the stages.

This helps reinforce the brand's identity and even showcases the featured artists.

Illuminate pathways or designated areas with neon signs.

 Just like at trade shows or corporate events, these signs can illuminate pathways or designated areas within the festival grounds. Thus, it can guide festival-goers to different stages, food stalls, or rest areas.

Display festival-themed phrases or hashtags.

Here's a fun element. You can let the participants take pictures of LED neon phrases and hashtags. And sharing their festival experiences on social media platforms can generate buzz around the event. It's a fun and engaging way to encourage attendee participation and create memorable moments.

Whether it's as stage backdrops, pathway guides, or interactive installations, these signs add a rich and captivating element to the festival atmosphere, making it an even more memorable experience for everyone involved.

Art Exhibitions: 

Picture yourself strolling through an art exhibition where the world of creativity is on display. But you feel that something is missing that can improve the overall vibe. Well, LED neon signs can be added in and around the place to increase the vibe.

Ways to utilise LED neon signs are:

Add quotes

One way to utilise LED neon signs in an art exhibition is by displaying thought-provoking quotes or artistic statements related to the exhibited pieces.

But ensure that they are strategically placed next to the artwork, providing viewers with additional context or insight into the artist's intentions.

Create a captivating entrance

This is another attention-grabbing feature that creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, making the exhibition more captivating.

Because the entrance acts as a focal point, it draws visitors in and even sets the tone for what they are about to experience.

Let LED neon signs complement the artwork

A complementary LED neon sign can echo those colors, underscoring the visual theme and creating a cohesive atmosphere.

LED neon signs also have the power to reflect the artist's style and personality. Each artist has their own distinct voice, and these signs provide an opportunity to amplify it.

Final Words

Designing custom LED neon signs and incorporating them into different events is one of the trendiest ways to gain attention and set the tone and vibe.

But don't forget to choose the right location to place these LED neon signs. For best results, use appropriate mounting software, and if you want it to last a long time, ensure regular cleaning and maintenance.

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