In the decades following its discovery, neon lighting has given many cities a bustling, nighttime glow. Now, they've crept into all kinds of buildings, from offices to museums–and even the home. A neon light creates a nostalgic and futuristic mood. When it comes to neon lighting, you're dealing with a medium that's alive and allows you to physically feel the presence of art in your room. From the kitchen to the bedrooms to the little corners, personalized neon signs for home add a sense of fun and personality to the home. It doesn't matter whether you use neon signs for decoration or to set up a space that matches your personality or mood; they can make a difference.

In this article, let's discuss the five ways to illuminate your home with personalized neon wall art in Australia:

1) Perfect Mood Lighting:

 Bedrooms can be a lot of fun with neon signs. In addition to creating excitement, neon signs like pink also create a vibrant and cohesive look. Then again, neon signs don't have to just be for adults' bedrooms but can be used as a fun night light in children's bedrooms. Lighting and decorating your bedrooms with custom neon signs is a creative way to do this. It could be a phrase or mantra you love to chant. Further, it could also be a shape of an image, like a crescent or anchor hung around the room's walls.

2) Spice Up the Living Room: 

We relax, socialize, spend time with our families or guests, and live in our living rooms. Therefore, a neon sign should be placed in the living room to make it more dynamic and unique. Such neon wall art signs can be witty, random, or personal. Living rooms with gentle color themes can be brightened up with neon sign interiors. It could be a welcoming sign, a phrase, an image, or artwork. Some parts of the living rooms that will do well with neon wall art include the area of a sofa, over the bars, or walls and reading corners.

3) Artwork: 

Filling that blank space with something that catches your eye every time you pass by is a popular way to finish any room. The infinite options and designs of neon as wall art can help you match your existing décor perfectly, adding a contemporary feel to your home. With so many colours available, designing your new piece of art is so much fun.

4) Neon as Lighting: 

Neon lighting can serve two purposes, both adding decorative elements to the room and bringing light to otherwise dark corners.

5) Kitchen and Dining Space Light:

 Neon signs add a touch of quirkiness to your kitchen. When it comes to neon signs, the best ones blend in with the surroundings and complement the theme of the space. Signs and phrases inspired by cooking and eating are usually great for kitchens. For dining rooms, opt for signs that give off the vibes of a bar for a classic look.

Closing Thoughts:

A neon sign is one of those things you should have in your home if you're looking to decorate with a bit of edge.

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