To succeed as a business, you must stand out from your competitors. With the help of innovative technology, companies have created unique advertisements, attractive billboards, logos, and signage.

Signs are essential to any business foundation, whether it is to convey information to passersby or promote business. Neon lights are one of such vintage and modern business statements. A neon sign undeniably affects people, which may be why more business owners choose neon for signage. Having been on the market for some time,custom LED neon signs in Australia have become one of the most economical, effective & unique marketing solutions for businesses.

This article highlights the 10 incredible benefits of using custom LED neon signs in Australia:

1) Creativity: 

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to custom neon signs. It is possible to print logos and write in almost any color or form using this particular advertising medium. 

2) Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient:

 Custom LED neon signs consume between 50 and 60% less energy than most modern signs. Therefore, they are more environmentally friendly & energy-efficient, with some signs using as little as 10 watts. As a result, it's fine to keep your business illuminated 24 hours a day, indoors or outdoors.

3) Longer lifespan: 

The lifespan of LED neon lights is much longer than that of traditional neon lights. LED signs typically have a lifespan of 50 000 hours. Compared to conventional glass signage, that's an almost unbeatable advantage. 

4) Enhance Visibility: 

With custom LED neon lights, you can make your store more visible with luminous colors which are certainly eye-catching. Even in a crowded street, a neon sign will make your presence stand out because color and light naturally attract the eye. 

5) High Safety: 

Since LED neon light signs produce less heat than incandescent, fluorescent, or neon signs, they can be used for extended periods. In addition, LED technology uses relatively little electricity compared to its competitors, thereby eliminating electrical hazards and wiring hassles, making it an excellent choice for outdoor signage.

6) Always Customer Favorite: 

With neon signs, you create a focal point that attracts your customers, and they promote your business to others. You can create a professional photo opportunity for your customers with custom neon led signs that feature clear, bright colors.

7) Greater Brand Awareness:

The characteristic brightness of LED lights contributes to better brand recall. Signs are enough to create brand awareness even when people are passing by. Signs made of LEDs stand out, especially at night and even in bright weather. 

8) Affordable: 

A LED business sign is about 10% cheaper to design and purchase than a neon sign. As of today, there are a variety of custom neon sign options for size and color, as well as varying affordable price options. 

9) Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal: 

There is a greater aesthetic appeal to LED lights. Custom LED neon signs look better, are consistently bright and illuminated, and are better received by prospective clients based on their appearance. Their longevity and reliable technology make them an ideal aesthetic investment for business owners. 

10) Low Maintenance Signs: 

A custom LED neon sign, due to its consistent brightness, one-time investment, and low maintenance requirements, provide a great return on investment for businesses. Since they are not hot or fragile, they are very easy to deal with and easy to clean. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they are perfect for all kinds of weather. Even waterproof LED neon signs are available if you live in a humid area. 

Final Thoughts:

In recent years, LED neon signs have gained more popularity than ever, proving to be a very lucrative marketing tool for businesses.

If you are looking for custom LED neon signs in Australia that can make your business more appealing in the competitive era, contact Neo Neo World, an Australian neon sign company that provides customers with impressive neon LED signs that can be used almost anywhere, including offices, shops, bedrooms, living rooms, parties, and weddings.